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2nd June 2007

8:24pm: Biggin Hill Airshow
Went to an airshow today at Biggin Hill airstrip near London with some mates which i really enjoyed. Was a good day out (weather was awsome) and managed to burn my skin like hell :o(

I was able to book some "grand stand" seats which sounded cool on the internet... but in reality turned out to be the most uncomfotable seats in the history of uncomfotable seat costruction. They must have been designed for the spinaly impaired... good thing tho was I got a great view of the display area for the aircraft displays (big grin).

First up was a Spitfire and a Eurofighter. Eurofighter (as you can probably tell) is a fighter the lots of countries in Europe put bits together for and came up with this... which looks all stealthy and was VERY loud which i suppose are the most inportant thigs :oD

Then was the "World War 1 Scenario" (big ooooooooooooooooooooooo's and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh's from the crowd) which had some really old rickety biplanes and triplanes (they look funny :o) ). They flew around for a good 10mins with some fake machine guns noises over the speakers and some pyrotechniks from the German planes.... they seemed to be the only ones that got shot down... wonder why?

Then for was a glider that did some acrobatics... then some random display team and a random plane landed.... (eye lids drooping from heat)

After this the parachute display team took off in a Chinook (those wirly-chopters with two blades for the non-enthusiastical people out there!) and parachuted out with some smoke... landed miles away from the target too. So with this obviously being "the boring bit" i went off for lunch.

Got a sandwich at the least grubby / oily / sweaty / chavy burger van type thing i could find and tucked into that just as some RAF Tornados took off and had a hefty dog fight (massive explosions and everything) while i could see jack sh*t! I was not impressed... worst thing being as soon as i got back to my seat some chav had nicked it and i had to politely inform them that the tickets had seat numbers on and they couldn't just sit wherever they wanted (really pisses me off)

Also the grass behind the landing stip was on fire from a combination of the dry grass and the pyrotechniks... i know i missed something good lol

Lots of planes later i got REALLY hot and bored and went on a stroll. Atleast everyone was preoccupied with the planes so it was quiet everywhere else... There were loads of planes and stuff there aswell as lots of those career stall thing for the Armed Forces and Police which i got as many freebies from as i could carry :oD but then i felt guilty and put in a tenner for the London Air Ambulance (save some lives here and there can't be bad!)

I was walking round and started chatting and having a laugh with these two RAF Cadets (must have been 16/17).... HOT AS HELL.... i mean they were in uniform and everything...

Don't look at me like that... i'm only human!!!

Overall a good day out despite having one side of my face now bright red...
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16th May 2007

3:57pm: Last week i was i the OG chat as usual but for some reason it was rather quiet for the time of day... there was actually only one other person actually talking lol

So we got chatting and both turned out to be mega Red Dwarf fans... wierd. So we talked for a while about Dwarf, mentioning quotes and faviourite bits etc when we realise this is major off topic and move the conversation to MSN.

An hour and a half later after we have scarily managed to quote ourselves through nearly two Dwarf episodes we move on to other things...

Turns out she's comming down to my neck of the woods for a comic book con with a friend and would like to meet up in Bristol. I politely tell her its a dump and ask if she would mind Bath instead as I know my way around there better.

I get to the station in plenty of time for the train into Bath, but u know what British trains are like... half an hour late (i felt so bad for Rachel and Adam wait so long) but we finaly met up and headed out into Bath exploring the sights.

We went around for a while chatting and getting to know eachother, turns out Rachel can see something once and remember is for all eternity. The best example of this being able to say Caesiumfrankolithicmixiolibidiumrixidixidoxidexidroxide of the top of her head (mega gealous)

They showed me some photos from the con which were really cool and the famous Cardiff sights seen in Tourchwood plus lots of rain.

We went to a shop which made Milkshakes from sweets and I had a Skittles one... its like the taste of putting every flavour in your mouth at once and times that by 100 lol

Overall it was a great day out and the weather held out which was super. I met two new people from the internet and can actually think of them as actual people instead of text on a screen
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15th May 2007

5:02pm: Yay I'm now on LiveJournal to make some friends and talk about random stuff (I really go off on some wierd tangents sometimes :p)

i'm aready got a awsome friend and hopefully she'll introduce me to some of her mates at some point :)
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